High Training Master Class Course on Surgical Anatomy, in Hair Restoration Surgery, "hands on", organized by SIACH and SITRI, for specialists and residents of Maxillo Facial Surgery, ENT,  Plastic Surgery, General Surgery,  Dermathology; Registered Nurses; Micro Scalp Pigmentators. The program is constituted by frontal lessons (slides and videos) of surgical anatomy, surgical technique, clinic cases, dissection on fresh frozen. At disposition of participants will be a fully equipped instrumentation and experts faculty between the tables. Dates and Venue to be defined. FACULTY: Dr. Vincenzo Gambino, Dr. Giuseppe Garo, Dr. Andrea Marliani, Dr. Michele Roberto, Dr. Piero Tesauro, Dr. Marco Toscani.





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Per partecipanti italiani: compilare obbligatoriamente il codice fiscale, la partita IVA per chi ne è in possesso.





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