Doctorate and PhD programs in Surgical and Medical fields for italian and EU nationals Doctors and Dentists, in english language, at the most qualified Universities of Romania. Doctor Event's team (in collaboration with SIACH), is entering into agreements with the Rectors and the Academic staff of the Medical and Dental Faculties, through which many italian and european Doctors and Dentists will be allowed to enter the course programs, approved to European standards and guidelinees, and so for that recognized in all European Countries. It is under study the option of services including: application and inscription to ev'ry academic year; processing of administrative procedures; possible hotel accomodation (Hotel/Residence) with breakfast, use of kitchen and laundry service included, in single or double single use rooms, and welcoming families when visiting their daughters/sons. Course venues will be indicated between february and march. Applications are open. Secretariat will be active from march with specific phone numbers dedicated to the applicants.




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Per partecipanti italiani: compilare obbligatoriamente il codice fiscale, la partita IVA per chi ne è in possesso.